What would you say
Act like
Entire lives
It's been decades
Sleep for days

I don't remember


Three Thieves: a teaser-trailer E.P. featuring the brand new songs and the freshest mixes from the home of The Mekano Set. A set of skewed, grimy bass-lines, atomized guitars and pounding beats. Distopian grooves. Shoegrime. Soulgaze. All proceeds from sales of the E.P. will go towards the manufacture and duplication of a full-length CD. Available now via http://themekanoset.bandcamp.com/album/the-three-thieves-ep

For further information, message mekanoset@gmail.com with the subject Three Thieves.

The E.P. takes its title from the sinister, funny characters The Three Thieves from Whitley Strieber's novel The Grays.

Plavitsa: a sample track from the E.P. http://plavitsa.viinyl.com/

Well I would never

Anarcho Mekano